How does it work?

The treatment increases the blood circulation of the skin and causes the upper layers of the skin to peel off. The improved blood circulation stimulates and induces skin regeneration by speeding up your metabolism and increasing cellular turnover and protein synthesis. Based on traditional medicine perfected over time, Herbal A-peel cosmetic created a unique formula that is unrivaled.

A quick and safe method to renew and regenerate your skin is only 5 days away. Made up of a mixture of dried crushed herbs and plant extracts, it gently restores your skin's natural glow and gives it an even more youthful appearance. In contrast to other methods of deep exfoliation, Herbal A-Peel cosmetic is completely free of synthetic abrasives and chemical additives. Comprised of purely natural herb and plant ingredients, it is perfectly safe and has no side-effects.

Aesthetician will thoroughly cleanse and do a Detailed Skin analysis as well as consultation before perform the Herbal Peeling Treatment to Client. Once skin condition or concern is distinguished Aesthetician will then determine how deep the peel Will be by applying accurate pressure and correct length of time. Directly after treatment clients skin will be red and burning similar to mild sunburn.

Day 2
Client for the next 5 Days will use only appropriate Skin care that has been giving to them by Aesthetician who has preformed the Herbal peeling Treatment

Day 3
Clients skin will start to peel off. Using correct product Will allow client to remove access skin and conceal Snake-like appearance. Once homecare is applied Client can carry on with normal day to day activities.

Day 4
Skin will continue to peel and appropriate skin care will be applied to resurface skin and slough off dead skin (like seen in picture on right)

Day 5
Client will return for follow up facial. This will allow Aesthetician to enhance skin which is now very absorbent and also remove any remaining traces of peeled skin. Before and after picture are recommended. Aesthetician can now determine if and when the client will need the next Herbal Peeling Treatment.

With what problems of the skin is Herbal Peel successfully used?

  • Impure, oily skin, disturbed pores, acne
  • Sagging face contours, wrinkled, sun-damaged skin (atrophy, elastosis)
  • Scars
  • Slack abdominal wall, thighs, upper arms
  • Cellulite
  • Aged hands (sagging wrinkled skin, spots)
  • Stretch marks

Whats so special about the Herbal Peeling Treatment?
Herbal Peel Mask consists of a mixture of natural herbs. In contrast to other peeling agents it does not contain any chemical or synthetic ingredients. Its application is perfectly safe and has no adverse effects whatsoever. It does not keep you away from your professional activities as other peeling methods do.